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I've now researched writing coaches and other forms of help--the kind people at have offered to help me put together my book proposal, so I'm probably going to go with them. This all has helped me focus my work wonderfully--instead of being intimidated by it, I'm now working on completing specific pieces. I'm confident, now that I know I'll be able to get the guidance I need.I have completed David van Brunt's story on Day Two--he's a cyclist who lost both feet (and half his left leg) in a motorcycle crash and now rides with a handcycle. I'm going back to Day 3 and the introduction, now, as those are the sample chapters I intend to include with the book proposal. I'm encouraged by the fact that I've gone back over Day Three and it doesn't seem half bad. I still need to finish the end, and tighten up the early part some--but what there is, is good. I will also need to go back and finish my introduction, and figure out what to do about the jarring shift in