Setting up a wiki | Tien Chiu's Blog
Most of my time the last day or two has been devoted to setting up my new AIDS Lifecycle Wiki, which I expect will mostly be a community effort by one person (that would be me)--I mostly want to play with Mediawiki! It's been pretty complex setting up the antispam guards and configuring the wiki--would be child's play except that I don't know the first thing about php or Mediawiki, and the documentation (what there is of it) mostly assumes that you're a competent sysadmin already. I've been learning a lot as I go.So far I've managed to export most of the Help system from wikimedia.org, set up a basic antispam guard, and put together the basic outline for the structure. I need to think a bit more about what information would be helpful/interesting to riders, and structure it accordingly.I don't know if this wiki will ever see the light of day (I'm not giving out the URL because there's nothing there yet), but it's an interesting possibility.I have also sent a draft of my sample chapter