Is it possible to be exhilarated and frustrated at the same time??? | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm continuing to write my book, and my view of it is continuing to evolve. As I write it, the weak points become more obvious and the symphony of what I want to write becomes clearer in my mind....I'm understanding the structural flaws and figuring out how to get around them. It's both intensely exhilarating and extremely frustrating...frustrating because it takes me two hours to write one page (if that) and exhilarating because I'm finally getting through the writer's block and writing down enough to get a sense of what needs to be done with my material.I'm also getting a sense for just how gargantuan this task really is. I feel roughly like I'm in the first thirty miles of AIDS Lifecycle--only 555 miles to go...I'm seriously considering taking a week or so off work in order to write. I have the extra vacation time....I'm thinking about it. Seriously.Met with my new personal trainer today and am MUCH more impressed with her (thank goodness). She knows at least as much as I do about