From fiber artist to writer | Tien Chiu's Blog
I suppose it's time for me to say it: I'm no longer an active fiber artist, I'm a writer. The spinning wheel has sat untouched for over a month now, and I'm only stitching on this cross-stitch piece in the mornings when Mike is asleep and I can't work on the computer without disturbing him. I haven't had much urge to play with new fibers, and the pair of socks I started is sitting there half-finished on the computer, and may never get done. I find that I resent the time I spend on fiber arts, because it just doesn't feel expressive to me anymore. Fiber arts is officially done with, until further notice.In a way, I'm happy that I've become disenchanted with fiber arts of late. I think it was fun, but there's a very high ratio of fingerwork to creativity in fiber arts, and writing is a bit more expressive. But it seems odd, since I've identified as a fiber artist for such a long time, and most of my mailing lists still center around fiber arts. So it's strange to remove myself (mentally