Food frenzy | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm sad to say that peach season is over. Fitz, my peach guy, is gone for the year, and when he goes, I stop eating peaches, because other places' peaches are never quite as good as his. So as far as I'm concerned, peach season is over.Which means I will just have to eke it out with strawberries, figs, melons, Sungold cherry tomatoes, and so on. Oh, how I suffer. :-)Dry farmed tomatoes are also in at the farmer's market! If you're not acquainted with dry-farmed tomatoes, they're done with tomatoes grown in a heavy clay soil that holds lots of water. They're not irrigated at all during the growing season, which stresses the tomato plants, so they produce very small, intensely sweet and flavorful tomatoes. "Early Girl" seems to be the only variety people use for dry-farming, but they are incredible tomatoes. I fed some to Mike today and he said, "They taste like tomatoes should taste like." So I'm happy they've finally arrived.But the true feeding frenzy came today at Made in France, my