Back from LA, How to Write a Book Proposal | Tien Chiu's Blog
Mike and I drove down to LA this weekend to go to the Fabulous Fiber Fest and admire my shawl (which won the Founder's Award, as you may recall). It was fun--I took a class on boucle and other novelty yarns, and then spent some time walking around the festival with Mike. With my prize I bought two packets of brightly-colored yarn snippets for my AIDS Ride costumes next year, a Bosworth spindle for spinning sock yarns, and 7 ounces of 150's merino (ultrafine merino) roving. I almost bought a table loom, but Mike helped rescue me from it. I also fell in love with the Baby Wolf loom sitting out at Custom Handweavers, but, not wanting to spend $1800 on a new toy that would only distract me from writing, I skipped it.I'm pretty satisfied with my purchases. Costuming is of course de rigeur for the AIDS Ride (and I have gotten some very good ideas for costuming next year--the quilting section was most inspirational), and I've wanted a spindle for spinning sock yarns for some time. I don't