a very quick update | Tien Chiu's Blog
Finished the rough draft of my sample chapter!I shouldn't really say "rough draft"--some portions of it are quite polished--but I have finally got all the content in there. And it's going to be fantastic. I have three strong stories already, and once I finish polishing the two new stories, it should be a good piece overall. I think I have several more drafts to go before it's ready for a publisher, but it's a good start.I have also backed up all my book files to my Web server (password-protected so nobody but me can get at them). This way, if my house burns down, I don't lose everything. I'm also thinking about getting my audiotapes duplicated--same thing. (I have been hunting for microcassette duplicators and have been unable to find any. Dang.)I've also sent off an email to the writing coach who helped me about six months ago, inquiring how I can start back up with him. I figure it's worth a shot--we'll see how he does at doing detailed critiques of drafts. If it doesn't work out,