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Well, I did my first exercise session with the dumbbells today, and I'm quite pleased! There were a few exercises I couldn't do because my exercise ball hasn't come in yet, but I got a good weightlifting workout in. I'm starting to suspect that I don't need that gym membership, although as my employer is paying for my gym membership I'll probably keep it anyway.The only two things that I can't quite figure out are how to work the soleus muscle (which runs along the back of the calf, and is one of the secondary muscles in cycling) and how to work the quads. The problem with the latter is that the weights are too heavy for my hands to grip (i.e. I can lift more weight with my quads than I can carry in my hands). At the gym I would use an Olympic bar over the back, but I haven't got a cage for power lifting, so it isn't really safe to try it at home. Mike suggested that I try one-legged squats instead, and that seems to be working pretty well. Added bonus: it works the knee stabilizer