Working on the book is almost a spiritual experience… | Tien Chiu's Blog
I'm working right now on the chapter on why people ride (stories of how HIV has impacted people's lives), and it's proving an intense creative experience. These stories are so powerful that they really don't need any embellishment--I could practically type them up, string them together with a little prose, and publish it straight up. (Which may well be what I wind up doing.) Right now I'm working on the story of a man whose brother died of AIDS, and the intense loss and guilt over not being able to do more for him, that led to his signing up for the Boston-New York ride ten years ago. This year, he rode with his partner/husband of ten years--who tested HIV-positive six months ago. As he says, "I've lost one of the most important men in my life to AIDS. Losing another isn't an option."It's difficult writing down these stories because they're so intense that practically anything I say mushes into banality next to them. They're so full of expressiveness, of grief, of celebration of the