Went up Page Mill Road again today… | Tien Chiu's Blog
This time was much harder (perhaps because it was blazing hot). I had to stop and rest every couple minutes on the way up--very discouraging. I almost turned around twice, but was just stubborn enough to make it to the top. Not counting rest periods, I averaged 5.6 mph the entire way to the top.I'm feeling somewhat daunted by Markleeville--if I can barely make it up Page Mill Road, which is only 2200 feet of climbing, how am I going to do 15,000 feet of climbing in a single day??On the other hand, at this time last year I could barely do thirty miles of flat riding, and eleven months later I was riding 600 miles to Los Angeles, so I imagine it's one of those training things. I'll get there...eventually.Meanwhile, next week I plan to ride Page Mill again. My objective: take at least five minutes between rest periods when climbing.If I keep climbing this stupid hill, I'm going to get faster at it. (I've actually already noticed a difference in my speed when riding flat--I'm faster than I