Created a new blog; random updates | Tien Chiu's Blog
I decided I wanted to be able to go back and track my Markleeville Death Ride training independently of my main blog, so I created a new one. I think it should be fun to track how I'm doing, the ups and downs, and so on.New stuff in my life the last couple days:Joined Gold's Gym and ditched 24 Hour Fitness. Gold's Gym is closer to work and has much better facilities for what interests me: spinning classes, lots and lots of free weights, and a steam room/sauna. They also have a good introductory deal on personal training: I got a package of 4 sessions for just $100 (!). So I'm going to use those 4 sessions to lay out a training plan and learn basic weightlifting form, to get what I need to continue on by myself.Turned down the offer of a free loom from a friend, who would have been happy to loan it to me for a couple of years. I would love to take up weaving, but between the book and the Death Ride, I know I wouldn't get around to it for at least another year or two. (Yeah, I know, some