Just got back from the wine shop… | Tien Chiu's Blog
...I had decided that I wanted to try a port truffle, and toddled off to Beltramo's to find a nice port. Now, Beltramo's is the local wine aficionado's treasure house--they KNOW their wines--so I knew I'd be able to find someone to point me in the right direction. And sure enough, their sommelier (or whatever the right name is for it) was most enthusiastic when I told him what I wanted to do..."Ah! Then you want something very fruity, right?" I said yes, and that I'd be willing to pay up to $40 for a good port to mix with chocolate. He assured me that that wouldn't be necessary, as the tawny ports were the expensive ones and I didn't really need or want an aged port, and pointed me at a $18 bottle of Six Grapes port. He also enthusiastically suggested that I try sherry truffles--sherry being another sweet, fortified wine--and pointed me at a creamy Pedro Ximenez Montilla. (Pedro Ximinez is the name of the grape, Montilla is apparently a sherry grown in a different area.) I bought it,