I've started a new piece of knitted lace | Tien Chiu's Blog
This one is my "mindless" piece: it's a commercially spun laceweight alpaca yarn (Misti Alpaca) that I'm knitting up out of a Japanese pattern. It's a pentagonal shawl, with a pentagonal peony repeated six times (one center motif and five pentagons surrounding it). I may knit the whole shawl, or I may just knit the first motif. Or I may knit the first motif straight out of the book, then try my own variations for the others. Haven't decided.I'm not especially interested in coming out with the world's most beautiful shawl--I want to understand Japanese knitting and I want to see how one knits a pentagon. If I can figure those out, I'll be happy even if the shawl itself is a mangled mess. :-)I've also decided that I will probably restart my "tiger lily" shawl in a commercial yarn...the space-dyed-roving stripes are coming out beautifully, but they are so strong visually that they are going to overwhelm the knitting pattern, I think. So I think I will redo it with white silk yarn, then