Orchids and chocolate | Tien Chiu's Blog
Belize is PAVED in orchids! I went for a walk last night, looked up into a tree by the water, and my goodness! The rosette cups of bromeliads, the big flat leaves of orchids, crumpled yellow-and-maroon sprays of flowers COVERED the branches, and half the trunk. The tree was a bouquet of blossoms. Then I started looking around, and realized that EVERY tree is like that. For an orchid aficionado, it's paradise. I had never really thought about orchids before. I mean, I have about a hundred of them, and always have a blooming orchid on my desk, but I had never *thought* about orchids before. They were potted plants you bought from a nursery. Seeing them just growing, wild, was a tremendous shock. The first time I saw an orange tree, I was just 17...I had just arrived from the East Coast for college, and one day I saw an orange tree by the post office. I rushed back to my dorm and breathlessly told my roommates, "I saw an ORANGE TREE! I saw an orange tree!!" Well, one of them was from