first week of work! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Apologies for the long silence, but this was my first week at work, and I've spent most of it frantically learning about the wireless industry, about which I knew absolutely nothing. (I'm working at OpenWave, btw: , which does wireless messaging, email, and browser applications.) So suddenly I've been dumped into it, and being a professional services project manager now, I don't just have to understand the technology; I have to understand the technology, the market, our customers' needs, and incidentally how to negotiate with customers, handle billing, estimate efforts for custom jobs, and write up contractual documents. And when we can book revenue and when to take revenue, and a whole bunch of business-side stuff about which I had (previously) been blissfully ignorant. Oh, and my boss quit Wednesday. So all in all, it's been an interesting week. :-) What this means is: (a) I am getting ALL the projects, current and prospective, dumped on me, since my boss