almost there…I think! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Got a phone call from a friend at OpenWave yesterday, telling me that a job offer is "in HR" and I should get an offer letter within the next day or so. Needless to say, I'll believe in an offer letter when I see one, but I'm starting to think it's time to buy the champagne. :-) This is a particularly nice position both because they're willing to match my previous salary (which amounts to a raise, since salaries have dropped in the intervening two years) and because it's an interesting position with lots of career development possibilities. It's a customer-facing professional services position, a hybrid between product development and professional services--that group develops custom applications for customers, but retains the intellectual property rights and the code for use either in the main platform or other customers. More to the point, from my perspective, it's a small, fast-growing group that is just starting to use project management, and this makes it extremely attractive. I