A book of 300 pages… | Tien Chiu's Blog
...starts with a single word. Or, more accurately, a single page. I've written the first page of the book today, and while that doesn't sound like a lot, it is. One of the biggest problems I've been having is finding my "voice"--the tone, rhythm, and breathing of the book. The same story can be written in dozens of different ways just by changing the tone and focus--is it an adventure book? is it a love story? is it a travel guide? There are so many aspects to the AIDS Ride that I could go in dozens of ways. I was wrestling with whether to make it a Mount Everest-type story (585 Miles in 7 Days!), a grappling story about overcoming-internal-challenges (I Was a Drug Addict, Now I'm an AIDS Rider), a story about AIDS, about cycling, whatever. Believe me, there are at least two or three hundred ways of writing this story and I think I've tried every single one of them by now. But I think I've decided. It's a love story. &nbsp