Hello from San Francisco! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Hello from San Francisco! where I have been sleeping off jet lag and travel fatigue...a sixteen-hour flight is no joke, although considerably cushier than, say, a twelve-hour bus ride to Delhi, in the back of the bus. Sixteen hours of jet lag is nothing to sneeze at, either... SARS (the pneumonia virus thing) was very much in evidence on the flight out, as about 1/4 of my fellow passengers were wearing surgical masks, presumably in an effort to protect themselves. This struck me as rather odd--SARS has only killed about 60 people worldwide, which makes it considerably less dangerous than, say, driving. But unknown dangers always seem scarier, I suppose. Me personally, after a month of taking cramped jeeps and buses over Indian roads, a mysterious deadly virus seems rather blase. Indian bus drivers, you see, have the happy habit of trundling at high speed around narrow windy mountain roads. This in itself is not so bad, but when you're coming up on a blind curve next to a sheer dropoff,