Hello from Dharamsala! | Tien Chiu's Blog
Well, I saw the Dalai Lama today...from about five feet away. :-) I've been in Dharamsala for two days now, having arrived on the 8th with a Tibetan activist woman named Tenzin. She used to live in Tibet, and came out to India fairly recently. I asked her if she ever went back, and she said she'd been photographed at too many protests...the Chinese authorities had her number, so if she went back, she'd be arrested. She did, however, tell me what was up with the ten-year-old girl I met in Rewalsar...apparently, Tibetan parents will arrange with a headman to smuggle their children over the border to India, to live and study there. (It's too dangerous for the entire family to leave at once, and sometimes the parents don't want to--they like Tibet, or they have other obligations that prevent them from leaving, e.g. older family.) Thing is, it's a one-way trip: crossing the border is very dangerous, so once in India, the children can't return. Once the child goes, they'll never see their