Online Lessons for Classical Guitar (Webcam, Skype, Video Response) | This is Classical Guitar
Bradford Werner offers online lessons for classical guitar via webcam, Skype or video response. I welcome students of all levels and ages from absolute beginners to high level players looking for performance feedback. It's easy, just email me, find a time, and go. The lessons are friendly, productive, and educational. I believe every student should leave the lesson feeling optimistic and enthused. Feeling hesitant? Email me and chat about it, I don't bite. Contact Bradford for Info & Availability Email: Video Response Lessons (Coming Soon) - Since I'm quite full for Skype lessons I will be offering a new service. The details are still being worked out but the basic idea is that you'll be able to submit a video or yourself playing and receive a video lesson back from Bradford with specific advice on your playing. This will allow me to teach a large number of students since no scheduling is required. Students will be able to submit one video per