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Rupert Boyd - The Guitar Artist Website Sono Luminus Records 2019 Buy, Listen, Learn More: Sono Luminus | Amazon |Apple Music | Spotify Rupert Boyd has been featured on the site numerous times and has clearly established himself as a top notch soloist as well as chamber musician in the duo Boyd Meets Girl with Laura Metcalf (cello). This solo album will appeal to general listeners with its variety and charm and guitarists will find inspiration in the virtuosic performances of beloved repertoire. You can read up on the pieces and learn more via the nice PDF album booklet on Sono Luminus. Highlights include Boyd's performance of Jobim's Felicidade and Estrada Branca where his playing ranges from sweet phrasing to virtuosic rhythmic vitality. The improvisatory nature of the pieces and Boyd's natural groove bring these pieces to life. The contrast to the following Sor is a bit shocking at first but Boyd's understanding of the charm of Mozart's theme and Sor's playful variations make more