Classical Guitar: Contemporary Concepts by Sean Thrower | This is Classical Guitar
Classical Guitar: Contemporary Concepts 1 Way to Play Guitar Series by FJH Music Company by Sean Thrower and Edited by Philip Groeber Buy the book via FJH Music or Amazon I was happy to receive this copy of Sean Thrower's new book Classical Guitar: Contemporary Concepts 1 which includes nine pieces at the intermediate level. The pieces introduce students to a wide variety of techniques that prepare them for the eclectic nature of the modern classical guitar repertoire. I've reviewed two other releases from Thrower, Traversing the Fretboard and The Segovia Scales, both solid books for those who want some lessons combined with notation and tablature. At the front of the book there are mini lessons for each piece introducing concepts and musical elements such as rasgueado, closed and open chord voicing, inversions, glissandi, parallel motion, form, pedal points, harmonic rhythm, harmonics, modes, syncopation, tertian harmony, tremolo, and more. Think of this book as a hands-on