Beginner Technique Routine for Classical Guitar | This is Classical Guitar
This routine is from my new book Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios. The 122 page book includes: Practice Routines, Tips, 100 Open String Exercises, 120 Giuliani Arpeggios, Scales, Slur Exercises, Shifts, Finger Independence, Barre, Tremolo, Common Harmonics, and much more. YouTube Video Link (4k) This is Part 1 of a 6 Part Lesson Series on technique routines. View all the free routine videos at the book page. You can use other books if you want but make sure to keep it balanced as I discuss. Also, grab some sticky tabs and mark the pages in my book so you can easily flip through. The levels to covered in the 6 part series are: Beginner; Late-Beginner; Early-Intermediate; Intermediate; Late-Intermediate; Early-Advanced. Beginner Routine Info: Length: Approximately 5-15 Minutes. Keep it short and simple. Absolute beginners can start with 5 minutes a day and increase the amount of time as they become confident with the exercises. Practice at least a