Barre Lessons and Exercises for Guitar | This is Classical Guitar
The following lessons focus on playing and practicing barre (bar, capo, car chords) on classical guitar. The first overview lesson covers a definition, context, and some exercises to help your bar technique. Check out my method and technique books at the sheet music page. This is great video for beginners or intermediates looking to improve and existing problems. These exercises are from my new book Classical Guitar Technique: Essential Exercises, Scales, and Arpeggios. YouTube Video Link (HD) This lesson is on Barre (bar chords) and barre exercises for the left hand. Playing a successful barre (also called capo) is much more reliant on your ability to be precise rather than the amount of pressure or tension you apply with your 1st finger. The String Specific Barre Correction is the most important of all the barre exercises here because it aims at specific points within the barre that will require precision rather than strength. Some basic tips: Barre with your 1st finger; keep your