The Myth of Bach's Lute Suites by Clive Titmuss | This is Classical Guitar
This is a guest post by Clive Titmuss A big thank you to Clive for this epic article previously published on Classical Guitar Canada. Make sure to visit his website to see more of his work and recordings ( All images provided by Clive Titmuss. Click on the images to enlarge. Part I As student guitarists, we learned that J. S. Bach wrote four suites and a number of miscellaneous pieces for the lute, now played on the guitar. Wikipedia reads:" Bach composed a suite and several other works for solo lute." You know what I am going to say next--perhaps you should sit down…: A more up-to-date reading of the evidence would be that Bach did not write any music specifically intended for solo lute. The apocryphal lute works lie well within the confines of Bach's established keyboard style, and other than a poorly thought-out arrangement, ill-suited to the instrument and worked-out at the keyboard (BWV 995, Suite in G minor), almost nothing from the composer really links