Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe Review & Giveaway - The Reading Residence
Share the post "Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe Review & Giveaway" FacebookGoogle+LinkedInPinterestStumbleUponTwitterEmail I had heard about air cookers. Oh, I’d heard wonderful things. So when JML got in touch with me asking whether I’d like to review their Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe, I jumped at the chance. I really wanted to try one out, so read on to find out how the air cooker works and how I am getting on with it. And even better, I have one up for grabs too… Halowave Air Cooker Deluxe Rotisserie Spindle for juicy joints, self-basted kebabs and evenly-roasted veg Air-fry with little or no