Using xcode on Windows for iOS app development -
As easy as Windows or Android application development may be, iOS development has its own limitations that require a Mac PC or the xcode IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ) that is designed and developed by Apple specifically for Mac OS X.As solid a marketing strategy that might be; iOS development becomes frustrating for Windows users as there exists no version of xcode for it. Xcode is not just a toolset, but it is a constructive piece of software as well. Apart from being a platform for iOS development, it is an interface builder, testing application, and asset management toolkit as well. Having said that, Windows users shouldn’t let their hopes down if they don’t have the resources to purchase a Mac OS for making their dream application on iOS. There exists an xcode alternative for Windows, though the experience wouldn’t be same as on a proper Mac OS but it would get the work done so we are not completely powerless here. To achieve what is rendered impossible by many, you are going to need a copy of Mac OS X, Windows PC, an Apple account and a stable internet connection.
Khushaar Tanveer