Kershaw Shuffle 2 -
A good knife is an essential tool for any outdoor activity. From opening a box to gutting a fish, a good knife is something you will want to have nearby. There are certain activities that require a very specific blade, but for most of us a basic folding knife will handle the task. For everyday use the Kershaw Shuffle II is a great selection. This small, lightweight knife is perfect for EDC (Every Day Carry), or a great addition to your hiking pack. This knife has a small 2.6″ blade that is quite sharp out of the box. The molded handle fits well in my big hands and fits really well in Christy’s. There is a flathead screwdriver built into the frame of the knife along with a dual-sided bottle opener! The frame is open at the end and is perfect for adding a paracord loop. The pocket clip can be switched to either side of the handle and there is a thumb stud on both sides of the blade. I have a Shuffle in Tan that I keep in my hiking pack and a Black one for EDC. The best thing about this knife is the price! Right now you can pick this knife up on Amazon for less than $20. Features + Low Cost + Flathead Screwdriver +Bottle Opener + Very Sharp Blade Out of the Box + Reversible Pocket Clip – Cheap Feeling Handle + Ambidextrous Thumbstuds Please follow and like us: