When the Maps Run Out (#655) | The God Journey
Brad was out of town this week, so I'm filling in with a podcast I recorded last week with a good friend on my recent stay in Charlotte, NC. Jeff Andrechyn is a Captain for American Airlines and is especially captured by the sense of adventure that comes from following God, especially as he leads us beyond the maps others have made and into the uncharted frontier of his unique work in each of us. What inspired this thought was a Ken Burns documentary on the Lewis and Clark expedition, though Jeff assures me he uses maps when he flies for American. So many try to find a relationship with God by following the principles and guidelines of others. While they can be helpful, Jesus will invite you beyond the experiences of others into a journey of growing dependence on his voice. At the end they also discuss how true elders encourage rather than discourage that journey. Podcast Notes: Lewis and Clark by Ken Burns Frontier Thesis by Turner The latest news from our project in Kenya