All or Nothing (#651) | The God Journey
"Does every area of your life honor Jesus?" That question came from a listener and opened the door to an interesting discussion as to why our religious rhetoric is so often couched in extreme measures. Is your all on the altar? Do you completely trust God in every area of your life? I surrender all. You must love God with all your heart, soul, mind, and strength. Certainly the aspiration to those realities is the ongoing cry of our hearts, but to leave it there often overwhelms people with expectations they can never meet by their own efforts. By focusing on the end product, some lose sight of the process of transformation and God's presence in it. Our hearts may cry for all or nothing, but the daily reality of our lives is to live in the light and freedom we have each day, which allows us to grow in our love, trust, and dependence on him. Podcast Notes: Wayne's Travel Schedule Vote for The Shack at PBS' The Great American Read The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice