Making the Connection With God (#649) | The God Journey
Is God's love only something we read about in the Scriptures and know in our heads, or does he want us to experience it in our hearts as well? Wayne and Brad continue the theme of last week's podcast about the importance of having a personal connection with God in the earliest days of faith and what to do if you missed that. Unfortunately much of Christendom is big on connecting us to the rules, rituals, and doctrines of faith, without actually helping us actually engage God. where we know we're not alone no matter what we face. He becomes a growing part of our lives as we learn to lean into his reality instead of being lost in ourselves. They discuss what it is to be born again, filled wit the Spirit, and how to seek him that turns our heart from our own preoccupation with self, to behold him. Podcast Notes: Wayne's Engage series to help people connect with the Living God. Vote for The Shack at PBS' The Great American Read The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice to