A Liturgy for Family (#647) | The God Journey
A dip into the mailbag finds some questions about dealing with people who feel led by the Spirit to try to drag us back into religious obligation with the infamous fosake-not-the-assembly passage. How do we help people see that our versions of 'church' today have very little in common with how the first century believers gathered? Well, popular blogger and pastor, John Pavlovitz may have done it for you. Wayne reads some excerpts from an article he wrote for Relevant reminding us that the church isn't a place, its the reality of the kingdom showing up where people reflect God's reality. In fact he offers a New Testament liturgy for Jesus' family: gather, eat, share, remember him, live. It's how the kingdom spread in the first century, unmoored from centralized religion. Podcast Notes: John Pavlovitz article in Relevant: The Church Was Never Meant to Be a Place Wayne's Travel Schedule The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice to our question/comment line via Skype at