Jesus Outside of Us (#638) | The God Journey
Can we unwittingly incarcerate Jesus in our own hearts by thinking he is the author of our biases, preferences, and false conclusions that free us to follow our own ambitions instead of truly following him? That's the danger of only having Jesus inside of us, and not a Jesus outside of us who can confront our prejudices and invite us to real transformation that runs counter to our own ambitions. Ending the last podcast with how the "church" today is falling for foolishness, Wayne and Brad along with their guest, Dr. Bob Stamps of Richmond, VA, continue last week's conversation and our need for objective truth that invites us into an ever transforming relationship with him. Podcast Notes: Part 1 of this conversation with Bob Stamps: The Infinite God in Finite Minds Wayne's Travel Schedule Look up previous podcasts with Bob Stamps in our Guest Archive The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice to our question/comment line via Skype at "TheGodJourney"