Breaking the Billy Graham Rule (#636) | The God Journey
"If you are married, never be alone with someone of the opposite sex who is not your spouse. Never." That's the so-called Billy Graham Rule, which he followed to avoid temptation and protect his reputation. Some think it communicates to women that they are fundamentally dangerous and objectifies women as sexual objects. In this second of a two-part podcast, Wayne and Brad continue their discussion with Tracy Levinson, author of unashamed and an occasional guest on The God Journey, as the delve into questions about male/female relationships. Is the Billy Graham Rule sacrosanct? Are there ways to break the rule and not risk undermining your marriage or opening a door to the enemy's ploy? Does sexual attraction or protecting yourself against it have to dominate every exchange between men and women? Podcast Notes: Part 1 of this podcast with Tracy: Confronting the Old Boy's Club Tracy's book, unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith It's Not the Billy