Confronting the Old Boys' Club (#635) | The God Journey
Is there anything a man can do among the body of Christ that a woman cannot? In this first of two podcasts about issues affecting their sisters in the body of Christ, Brad and Wayne invite occasional guest, Tracy Levinson, to explore that question and a few others about the role of women in the church and how they've been mistreated and demeaned by a dominating, second-class view of women. They also talk about a letter from Beth Moore detailing how she has been demeaned as a woman with a teaching gift, look at Peter's view of women as "weaker vessels", confront the Jezebel accusation used to silence the voice of women, and whether a covering is required for women. Even though Jesus treated women with equality, respect and dignity, his followers have had a hard time catching up to his example. Podcast Notes: Tracy's book, unashamed: candid conversations about dating, love, nakedness, and faith NY Times Article on The Great #Metoo Awakening A Letter to My Brothers by Beth Moore The