The Mystery of Prayer (#628) | The God Journey
Is prayer more than, "throwing up a request, hoping for the best"? On a recent visit to Dallas, Wayne sat down with Tracy Levinson, author of Unashamed, and an occasional guest on the podcast. Tracy has been thinking a lot about prayer especially in the face of some difficult circumstances in her own life. That gives Wayne, and later Brad, a chance to revisit the critical topic of prayer and how it expresses our growing connection to God. Prayer is a much more profound experience than simply trying to get God to do what we think is best, or judging his reality or the depth of our spirituality on our ability to do so. Prayer is how God sculpts his life in the world through those who live in communion with him. Podcast Notes: Tracy Levinson's book Unashamed Previous podcasts with Tracy: Unashamed, Taking the Shame out of Sexuality, and Mutually Shared Selflessness Wayne's Travel Schedule in early 2018 The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice to our question/comment