Does God Need to Be Appeased? (#626) | The God Journey
As Wayne and Brad reflect on Billy Graham's passing, they find themselves in a discussion about how the Gospel is presented in our day and how it is perceived by the world. Do we serve a God that needs to be appeased, either by the death of his Son, or by us trying to ingratiate ourselves to him? The more Christianity paints the Gospel as God's need to be appeased rather than our need for his affection, the more the Gospel gets distorted. Why has appeasement become the overriding view of our relationship with God? And isn't it the opposite of what the Incarnation and the cross accomplished? If we live by appeasement we'll never discover the wonder of his affection for us. Podcast Notes: Order Wayne's newest book: Beyond Sundays Wayne's Travel Schedule in early 2018 The latest news from our project in Kenya Add your voice to our question/comment line via Skype at "TheGodJourney"