Is Civility Still Possible? (#609) | The God Journey
Why are people so angry in the public dialog... and nasty? From the national political dialog, to those that troll the Internet to rain on everyone's parade, people are so convinced they are right that they can vilify anyone who disagrees with them. That's where Brad and Wayne end up after sharing a bit about their trips to Israel and Western Europe, respectively. How have we become such an angry, arrogant society, and is there any hope that civility can be resurrected in our day? Wayne shares about a new project he's considering to encourage a new generation of people who can speak a language of healing in the world that can bring people together, rather than the voices of hurt and hate that seem to rule the day. Podcast Notes: Baptism Cannonball Helping with Agriculture in Pokot Add your voice to our question/comment line via Skype at "TheGodJourney"