Revisiting the Racial Divide (#602) | The God Journey
After our last podcast on the racial divide, we were surprised at the audience reaction. Most white people I know loved Vince's perspective hoping it would define a way forward for us, while many people of color didn't think his experience spoke for them. We invited one of those who wrote us, Gil Michel to join us to further shed light on the racial divide and continue the conversation that will hopefully lead to better understanding. Gil is along time God Journey listener, and a bi-vocational pastor of an inner city fellowship in South Bend, IN. With the recent brouhaha between President Trump and the NFL, it seemed important for us to take another look at the racial tensions in our society. Podcast Notes: Previous Podcasts about Race: Just Mercy and Reaching Across the Racial Divide The Doll Test that Gil referred to NY Times Article by Eric Reid on Why Colin Kaepernick and I Decided to Take a Knee Gil Michel hosts a podcast at and pastors That Church Downtown