Playing In the Cold (#537) | The God Journey
Wayne is back from the land of puppy dogs and rainbows and shares with Brad some of the lessons and experiences of the trip. They also discuss the horrendous violence in Florida this past weekend and where we find God in such tragedies. In spite of the brokenness of our world, how is God the most joyful presence int he universe? We don't need to blame God for the horrors off our broken world, but celebrate him in the midst of them as we become those who put joy and healing in the world instead of more pain and hurt. As Wayne learned in Canada, if you can't find a way to play even in the midst of your greatest pain or challenges, then they will win and drive you more deeply into bondage. Podcast Notes: Information on the GJ Trip to Israel Wayne's Travel Schedule Add your voice to our question/comment line via Skype at "TheGodJourney"