You Are Salt (#523) | The God Journey
When we live with the lie that something is either all right or all wrong, we miss the nuances and textures of God making himself known even through the brokenness of humanity. Brad joins Wayne for a discussion about politics and religious leaders who constantly chose between character and expedience in seeking a place of influence, battling the temptation to justify the means for the greater good they hope to accomplish. How do we recognize the yuck, and yet affirm what God is doing beyond it? Does that negate the importance of character and demonstrating God's nature as best we can in how we treat people and deal with the opportunities of life. We are salt in this world when we can grace the circumstances we're in with his presence. We don't have to impose our will on others, but simply invite them into the most engaging adventure any of us could ever embrace. Podcast Notes: Wayne's Travel Schedule Add your voice to our question/comment line: (805) 539-6980 or Skype us at