Into A More Spacious Place | The God Journey
If you're hungry for meaningful relationships with other brothers and sisters don't wait for someone to come up with a new structure or mechanism to build another group program. Those will fail like all the others before them because they are still structures built with human hands. Jesus is knitting his body together much more simply and powerfully than that. Instead learn to live in the love of the Father right where you are, and as he shapes you with his love you'll find that the pathway to community lies through the next person in your path that God gives you to love. Wayne reads letters from all over the world of people who have been through some lonely places as they transitioned out of religious obligation, but then found themselves over time in a more spacious place of living and loving alongside all kinds of people and finding deepening relationship with some on a similar journey. Podcast Links: Add your voice to our question/comment line: (805) 539-6980 or Skype us at