Meet Heather: A Beautiful Bridal Stylist with a Heart of Gold | The Gilded GownThe Gilded Gown | The Gilded Gown
When you visit The Gilded Gown these days you are likely to meet one of our newest team members, Heather. This beautiful dreamer will surely capture your heart like she has ours. The first thing you'll notice is her charming personality. Heather is super outgoing, full of laughter and has a captivating wit. So you are guaranteed to have a blast with her and leave with a new friend (and most likely a dress and accessories). You'll see that she has fabulous personal style, too. She happens to have a killer boot collection, like the pair pictured below: Heather's background is in retail, human resources and management. Throughout her career she's honed her great interpersonal skills. We are thrilled to have her as a key part of our growing team in the position of Sales Manager and HR Specialist. She brings major professional cred with a caring and approachable attitude. Heather has a huge appreciation for life and practices gratitude daily. She believes in enjoying each and every moment