Our Family's Southern Thanksgiving Recipes | The Gilded GownThe Gilded Gown | The Gilded Gown
We absolutely love Thanksgiving! How cool is it that we have a national holiday in order to remember all that we are thankful for? Appreciating our blessings, sharing a bountiful meal with our loved ones and kicking off the holiday season are a few reasons Thanksgiving is our favorite. We are getting super excited anticipating all the good smells in our kitchen, how full our bellies will be, a day filled with laughter, and that plate of late night leftovers. Our family usually gathers in the afternoon along with lots of friends. Some of our traditions include going around the table and having each person talk about something they are thankful for, an insane spread of food, an after-dinner game of bingo, and an evening Christmas movie. In honor of our favorite holiday, we thought we would share some of our family's time-honored recipes with you. These are courtesy of our family cookbook, The Callie King Cockman Family Cookbook, which was compiled by our beloved Margaret Cockman Kitchel.