Don't Let Them Eat Cake. Top Four Wedding Cake Alternatives! | The Gilded GownThe Gilded Gown | The Gilded Gown
There are so many lovely wedding traditions that come to mind when planning a wedding, but that doesn't mean you have to incorporate all of them into yours. Every detail of your special day should be personalized to please you and your fiancee. Discard the traditions you don't want, and tweak others so they fit YOUR wedding day vibe. Perhaps you picture your nuptials taking place at sunrise on a beach instead of an afternoon church ceremony. Maybe you want to walk down the aisle carrying a swag of greenery instead of a bouquet. These choices are yours to make and you should do "you." Your friends and family will love celebrating your day with you even more if it reflects your own unique vision. We suggest examining every single tradition and modifying any you aren't feeling. For example, if the thought of serving a three-tiered white cake doesn't fill you with joy, then we suggest thinking outside the box, dessert-wise, and dishing up a delicious alternative. There are so many fun,