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We are love, love, loving the amazing trend of baked masterpieces known as BrushStroke Cakes. Popularized and invented by Kalabasa bakery in Russia, these unique creations are cakes daringly decorated with colorful painted chocolate brush strokes. And boy, oh boy, are they gorgeous! Just take a peak at Kalabasa's inspirational Instagram feed to see what we mean. The whole process seems relatively simple (although we are PRETTY sure it requires some very serious confectionary skills)....the cake artists just melt chocolate until it's spreadable, then use a pastry brush to swipe it onto parchment paper. After the swaths of chocolate harden up, they are delicately added to cake tiers. The beautiful brush strokes can be painted any color, and additions such as fruit, berries, paint splatters, succulents and/or flowers can be included too, which makes these confections fully customizable. One of these cakes would be the perfect centerpiece at your wedding reception, especially if you are