All things Botanical for your 2018 Wedding: Tropical, Rustic or SouthWestern | The Gilded GownThe Gilded Gown | The Gilded Gown
Botanical Weddings have been popular for several years and they are still around, in a major way, for 2018. Plant based weddings with the beauty of nature in full display can provide a meaningful backdrop for YOUR joyful gathering. And, when you elect to host a plant-themed event, you have so many style options. You can go tropical, rustic or even Southwestern with your vibe. Cultivate the details, throw in some thoughtful touches, utilize tons of plants and you will have provided a stylish and sincere setting for your special day. And, you'll have enough house plants after the wedding to improve the air you breathe, decorate your digs and bring a unique energy into your new shared space. {TROPICAL BOTANICAL} You don't have to tie the knot in the tropics to bring paradise to your wedding — it's simple to infuse that feel anywhere with the addition of tropical plants. Plan your wedding at a greenhouse, in your backyard or at a conservatory in order to surround yourself with lush, jungle