TREND ALERT: Light up Your Wedding with Neon #GetLit #NeonWeddingDetails | The Gilded GownThe Gilded Gown | The Gilded Gown
Everybody is talking about the latest wedding trend: NEON, which can energize your wedding with an array of high-voltage shades! Getting Your Wedding LIT 🔥 is easy with vibrant, fun neon details, which you can use with carefree abandon on anything and everything from you, your decor, to your invites and even your food & drinks. Neon doesn't have to be brash, either, kids. Utilizing the bright boldness of neon can actually bring a light & playful feel to your wedding day. Let your guests know you heart beats for color by sending out some neon-inspired invites. Take for instance these handmade invites from the talented artistry of Ro from Pigment & Parchment, who says, "color is my love language!" Ours too Ro! One of the best ways to make a MAJOR neon style statement is to actually put your wedding up in lights with a custom sign! Like one of these ah-mazing designs by Sammy & Lola, a husband and wife team who provides serious wow factor for weddings with their super hip