What was it like to live through the 80's AIDS epidemic? Derek Crowe writes a memoir
While social attitudes towards homosexuality have improved beyond anyone's expectations in just three decades, it's important not to forget the fierce oppression and undue criminalisation gay people faced in Britain's recent history. Part of that story is the AIDS epidemic of the 1980s. At that time, Derek Crowe was dealing with the recent diagnosis of his partner, Pip. Little was understood, much of the available help was reluctant and society-at-large had opinions that were a secondary disease in themselves. In his poignant and ultimately beautiful new memoir, PiP: Experiencing AIDS in the 80's – a personal story, Derek tells the story so the attitudes of yesteryear will not only never be forgotten, but never be repeated. Synopsis from the author Derek Crowe: This story was written 30 years ago and was originally called "Love has no gender". Initially, it was written as a cathartic exercise after the death of Pip my partner from AIDS. Much of the reactions to this illness in the earl