TV REVIEW | Drag Race Season 11 Episode 7 Back, Back, Back again!! | THEGAYUK
Yes!! There she was at last: the much quoted much mentioned Alyssa Edwards returned to Drag Race this week and breathed some much-needed life in this year's slightly confusing season. The episode started with the queens feeling a bit low and irritated with each other. RuPaul seemed intent on changing this rut this week, staging a potato-sack race (with boobs) that put a bit of a smile on the queen's faces (especially the winners as the best queens got rather a lot of money!!) The challenge itself, though, brought everyone back to earth: Farm to Runway. The queens got the almost impossible challenge of turning farm food and fabric into actual fashion worthy challenges. A lot of the queens seem happy with the challenge, ready to show their creative selves. This week the episode was very much Plastique Tiara's chance to shine, and she did!! Her emotional talk with RuPaul about her upbringing and sad relationship with her family was heartbreaking, resulting in the first documented